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Commercial Loans


Astute Financial Management can help with all your Business Finance needs.

Astute can design a facility that suits your circumstances.

Products available include;

  • Bank Guarantee
  • Commercial Bills
  • Fixed Rate
  • Overdraft
  • Variable Rate
  • Small Business Loans

Bank Guarantee

A bank guarantee allows you to offer vendors, customers, suppliers and other third parties a guarantee of payment to secure a contract without tying up your working capital or affecting your other business activities.
A bank guarantee may suit your business if you need to promise payment to a third party, for example to secure a business contract or leasing arrangement or you are in an industry such as property development, building, contracting or retailing

Commercial Bills

The Commercial bill facility is a loan that offers a range of repayment options to help you take care of short and long-term financial needs.
A bill is your promise to pay back the loan at a later date. We give you an amount less than the face value (settlement price) of the bill. On a specific future date (maturity date), you pay back the settlement price plus interest.
The loan allows you to manage cash flow more effectively by making payments only on the maturity of the bill. It also provides interest rate protection and flexibility.
Bill rates are based on market-related rates.
A commercial bill facility can be used as a revolving line of credit (where you draw down funds as you need them) or a term loan (if you want to pay it back over time).

Fixed Rate

The interest rates on loans can  be fixed for between one and seven years  protecting you from upward movements and providing the assurance of fixed payments.
Your loan can be split between fixed and variable interest rates and at the end of any fixed interest rate period, you have the option of switching from a fixed to a variable rate.


An overdraft can help you manage your cash flow with greater ease.
This flexible line of credit is designed to provide you with extra cash to cover seasonal or unexpected expenses. As you only pay interest on the money you use, you can save on interest costs relative to a standard business loan.
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