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General Insurance

As part of Astute Brisbane Central complete group of financial services, Astute Brisbane Central provide a insurance service. This includes providing House and contents, Landlords & Motor Vehicle Insurance.
House and Contents Insurance
Your Home is your Castle and possibly your biggest investment. Astute Financial Management House and Contents Insurance can show you how to protect your home against loss or damage to your House and/or content. There are a wide range of House and Contents Insurance products in the market place and Astute can identify which products suit your circumstances.
At the end of the day its your house, Astute House and Contents Insurance can keep it safe for you.
Motor Vehicle Insurance
Cars are different things to different people, some people collect them, some people use them for camping and 4WD experiences, to some it is essential part of their business. No matter how or why you use your car Astute Motor Vehicle Insurance can find you a cost effective way to insure your car.
Astute MFAA Approved Broker Sequal