Financial Planning and Financial Advice Brisbane

Good financial planning and advice is all about making the most of life, helping you visualise what you want to achieve, and setting the financial strategies to help you reach them. We take away the confusing jargon and educate you to empower yourself to achieve every financial success.

How We Help

Whether you are interested in budgeting and savings, super and investing, insurance, or you are planning for life after work, the financial planner Brisbane team at Astute Brisbane Central can help set you up for success.

Creating life long goals and achieving them doesn't happen overnight. It takes a structured and planned approach incorporating expert advice, Google is a huge bank of data and information and you can get basic information from it, however, what it fails to achieve is personalisation. A financial adviser factors in your unique situation and all potential pitfalls of your desired goals and helps you get there, Google does not.

We strive on building trust with our clients which enables us to all the hard work and you to get the right kind of financial advice as simple and accessible as possible.

As your adviser we can help you with every life stage

  • We give you a comprehensive understanding of your current financial situation
  • We map the road ahead so that your goals are always clear and you know what lies ahead
  • We create and grow wealth in a way that suits your financial situation and tolerance to risk while maintaining reward
  • We always make sure your superannuation is on track to meet your retirement goals
  • We protect your plan with adequate insurance so no life event can get in the way

And that is just the beginning.

We like to partner with our clients for life providing the financial advice Brisbane depends on when it’s needed most.

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Our team of Financial Advisors understand that everyone's goals are different and help you create a clear direction forward. For complete financial advice call us on 1300 761 957 or get in touch online.

How It Works

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Getting the right information about financial planning and advice now will help you make the best choices for your future financial position, security and happiness.
Each financial plan that we prepare is unique since it is based on your circumstances and designed to meet your own personal and financial goals. There are fundamental steps in financial planning that all our clients take.

We will firstly meet at a mutually agreeable time and place to obtain an understanding of your concerns. We call this the discovery meeting. During this meeting we will get to know more about each other so that you feel we are a good fit. As we don’t see advice as a transaction, it is important for us to gain your trust, so you feel confident in taking advice from us now and in the future. We will discuss your lifestyle and financial goals so that we understand what drives and excites you. We also discuss the potential cost of advice if you engage us.

Next, we get together to discuss your financial details in a bit more detail. This will be where we get your full financial picture (like income, assets, liabilities) if this was not provided earlier. We will consider some potential strategies that may help you now and discuss how the future may look for you. At this time we will gain your authority to engage us if we have not already done so.

The most formal meeting is the financial advice meeting. This is where we provide you with a Statement of Advice (SoA) which is your written financial plan. This will include your goals and objectives and how we intend on solving and achieving them. This will explain in detail what strategies are being employed, products (if any) are being recommended and the total costs and consequences. You may still have questions about the advice you are receiving, and we answer these at the meeting. If your situation or goals have changed slightly, we may modify the advice at that meeting or potentially require another time to finalise. You will leave this meeting with a full understanding of what your goals were, and the process we are using to achieve them. This will give you more confidence and certainty in the future.

In the future, most plans require some tweaking. These review meetings are agreed upon between you and us and will be performed so that we can make sure advice is still appropriate. Sometimes you will have life events like marriage, purchasing a home, increasing your family or perhaps an unfortunate medical event. When these occur, we may need to hold your hand to make sure your plan stays on track. We may discuss how investments are performing, how your debt is reducing or anything else impacting your ability to continue your plan. This may involve a minor or major change. Either way, as the financial planner Brisbane trusts, we will be there to assist you.

Our Professional Associations

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