How We Help

With a wide range of solutions and experience in financial matters we have a range of ways we can help you.

From lending, to insurances and financial advice, Astute are the specialists who can help you achieve your financial goals.

We can assist you with your personal finances including your home loan, car loan and insurances and our financial advisers can help you plan to achieve your financial goals now and in the future.

We have been operating since 1995 , we know the world of finance thats why we offer a full financial service, which is when it comes to your financial security, makes the world of difference.

Income & Cash Flow and Budgeting Assistance

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Buying a home or wanting to get on top of those hard hitting bills - you should not despair it's not hard with our tailored cash flow financial plan. Budget creation is the foundation of any financial plan and is the baseline for achieving financial security. Technology is key in any budget and the cornerstone of our offering all of our client get access to a wealth portal that facilitates your financial goals and enables you to live financially confident.

Why you’ll love it

  • Everything in one place: add your credit cards, bank accounts, properties, car, home loans, investment loans and so much more to easily track and manage your finances.
  • Always up to date: View your super funds from the portal and live property, investment and vehicle data feeds.
  • Cashflow & budgeting: auto-categorised transactions and powerful budgeting tools make setting goals and getting a full picture of your income and expenses a breeze.
  • Tax time made easy: use the tax wizard to track, tag and store relevant tax information (from transactions to receipts) securely online.
  • Finance app for kids: a mobile app designed to introduce kids ages 8 to 16 to the fundamentals of personal finance. With the app, they can set savings goals, view transactions, and track their success.

Insurance and Wealth Protection

With a variety of insurance options existing on the market from well-respected providers, Astute can direct you toward a specialist that is experienced in selecting products that are suited to your personal circumstances.

Our insurance products include Home, Contents and Vehicle Insurance, all types of Business Insurance, Income Protection, Life Insurance, and Personal Protection.

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Superannuation is a savings fund set aside throughout your working life to provide for your retirement. Funds can also provide benefits in the event of death, illness or accidents, but it’s best to speak with a Financial Adviser regarding the extent of these payments in line with your financial needs.

An Astute Financial Adviser specialising in superannuation can help you to assess:

  • The suitability of investments in assets such as cash, property and shares
  • What your superannuation goals should be
  • What an appropriate investment strategy is
  • How to manage investments other than super
  • How much super you will require
  • If a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) is of benefit.

Ready to get a fresh perspective on your financial options? We’d love to have a chat and see what we can help you with.

Wealth Creation

Whether you are interested in budgeting and savings, super and investing, insurance, or you are planning for life after work, a Financial Adviser can help set you up for success.

Our wealth products include Debt Reduction, Estate Planning, Financial Planning, Self-Managed Super Funds, Superannuation, and Wealth Protection.

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Getting Ready for Retirement

getting ready for Retriement

Everyone has a different idea of what life after work looks like, Travelling around australia, buying a boat or playing around with shares we can help you put your retirement on paper in a personally tailored plan that enables you to reach your lifestyle goals. Our retirement planning involves

  • Establishing a plan for your money
  • Helping with government entitlements
  • Planning for care needs

Our retirement advisers can help you understand what you want to achieve in life after work and allow you to put a dollar figure on your lifestyle and examine the strategies that is going to get you where you want to be, such as

  • Managing your money in a tax effective way
  • Making sure your savings will last the distance
  • Ensuring you are invested appropriately for the current market conditions and time frame
  • Planning for the worst when your health takes a significant dive
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Ready to get a fresh perspective on your financial options? We’d love to have a chat and see what we can help you with.