Financial Planning Process

We cut through the jargon and provide you with simple, straightforward financial solutions, tailor made for your individual circumstances.

Our financial planning process is structured to help work through the necessary steps in financial planning: to gather information, present strategies and then work with you to implement them.

1: Discovery

We find out your needs and make sure we can meet them and help identify short and long term goals.

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2: Proposal & Strategy

We put all the finer elements in place and use our years of experience to create a unique proposal that achieves your financial goals.

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3: Moving Forward

If you're satisfied that our advice suits you and your happy with the plan, it's full steam ahead and we take the project to the implementation phase providing you with everything you need to fulfill the plan.

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1: Discovery

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An important part of any financial planning process, whether its wealth creation or buying a home, is identifying your goals to make sure our relationship can provide value in obtaining your dreams and aspirations.

Our discovery process is OBLIGATION FREE we ask the hard hitting questions and investigate every bit of money you have, we design our meeting to facilitate a get to know you type environment where we discover where your finances have come from and where you want to take them. The more information your arm us with the better.

If we believe we can help we will! If not, we have no hesitation pointing you in the right direction. Our fact finding processes is thorough and you can expect us to ask:

  • Financial information like income, Assets and Liabilities, Superannuation and insurances
  • Information regarding Family Dynamics
  • Investing and risk tolerance levels
  • most importantly your dreams and aspirations

Upon collecting this information our advisers will have a better understanding of where we can help and start to draft a plan that addresses your goals and current financial situation.

If there is property and purchasing involved, together we will identify the best loan product for you and educate you on the property buying process. Ask about our property buying checklist.

All clients receive a letter of engagement that summarizes the meeting and outlines the plan and costs involved. This is so you know the costs upfront in order to make an educated decision to engage with Astute’s team of advisers.

Need financial planning explained in a straightforward manner that is tailored to your circumstances? Contact Astute Brisbane Central by calling 1300 761 957 or by using our online form. 

2: Proposal & Strategy

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Due to our fully diversified financial planning process, you are never getting just one transaction. When you engage Astute you get access to all our professionals to make sure every financial aspect is ticked off. You'll find most financial strategies have connections with other proposals like insurance, Superannuation and various investments.

Once you've agreed to engage in our diversified offering we start our research and investigation process where we take your current situation, model it and advise you of the strategy that best represents the success of your financial goals. Not all strategies are the same however some of our unique plans often cover:

  • Current and future cost effectiveness of scenarios
  • Minimising all risks from investment risk to mortgage defaults
  • Legislative implications of the plan and what it means for you
  • Benefits and limitations of any product used to achieve your goals
  • Recommendations to seek legal and accountancy advice where needed

Our plans are jargon free and present you with simple, straightforward steps in financial planning that are suited to your individual needs. Our preference for this meeting is to be face to face so that we can demonstrate and explain the benefits live and in front of you. This also allows for any feedback and to make any changes before implementation.

3: Moving Forward

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The implementation stage can be a bit stressful at times as there is a lot of paperwork and it's where you have to do the most amount of work. We want the best outcome for you and the paperwork is necessary to cover all the legalities and make sure everything is correct.

Our recommendations are always outlines in a step by step process so you know what is being done and by when, it's not uncommon if an in depth financial strategy takes 30 days or more. The best thing about Astute is that we hold your hand along the way until we are satisfied that we can no longer be of assistance, you'll find with our offering we are around for many years advising you in every life stage. Where we come into our own is our implementation and review process, we strive for the best by providing you:

  • Annual reviews of Loans and Wealth plans
  • Phone based advisers that are employed to answer you questions when needed
  • Access to business professionals that we trust to help us achieve your financial goals
  • Quick and efficient policy and loan administration for when life changes

Our relationship doesn't end at the transaction, the financial planning process is meant to be reviewed, ensured that it's on track to meet your goals, up to date with your financial circumstances and be flexible to allow legislative change.

We are financial advisers partnering with you at all stages of life.

For financial advice Brisbane relies on to be clear and concise contact Astute Brisbane Central today. Our financial solutions can help make positive changes to your finances and create a wealthier future. We'd love to meet and discuss it with you, call 1300 761 957 or get in touch through our contact form.