Planning for Retirement

Learn how to strike the right balance between maintaining your income and creating a much deserved lifestyle as you move into retirement.

Now's the time to transition into retirement

Over 50? and keen on to see how your retirement will look? Let us help plan for that stress free retirement that you deserve.

Due to changes in legislation, there has never been a better time to be getting ready for retirement. The government has made generous rules around superannuation planning and centrelink pensions, which can greatly increase your retirement savings.

If you are not receiving advice about your coming retirement then you are missing out on potential strategies to make you more money. Put a plan in place today.

Planning for retirement

What you need to know when planning for retirement

  • What age you are planning to retire?
  • Are you invested in the right superannuation fund?
  • How can salary sacrificing help you?
  • Are you interested in a Self Managed Superfund?

Retirement Planning can help.

  • What activities in your retirement years do you want to pursue (e.g. travel, hobbies) and how much will these cost?
  • Will you have any large expenses in retirement (e.g. holidays, new car, home?)
  • Can you gain access to the Government Aged Pension?
  • Do you want to consider working in some capacity? (casual or part time)
  • Do you want to leave some money to loved ones? and what tax will apply
  • Are you concerned about the financial impact of major illnesses?

Let us help with kick starting your financial journey.

Let Astute Guide You Through Retirement Planning

You have worked hard so far and are closing in on the next part of your life. You have built up what you hope is a nest-egg that will last, but are still worried about what is ahead. These years are where you have built up most of the money you will have for retirement. Your financial and family responsibilities may even be reducing, as the children have moved on. You may be worried about how long your money may last you and are there any things you can do now to give yourself a better chance at a comfortable retirement.

Our Financial Advisers will help you to prioritise your financial and lifestyle goals. We will help you make a written plan that considers the amount of work you plan on doing now, and getting the most out of these years financially.

At Astute we can assist with helping you reduce your remaining debt. Hopefully, these are lower than your younger years and we will make a plan so they can be removed or significantly reduced by retirement. This will involve looking at your cash flow to see if there are ways you can re-purpose your money for better outcomes.

We can also assist with helping you prioritising your future goals and concerns. We will sit down and make a plan that considers all the things you are worried about now, and also help you consider the future. We will be by your side when you make these decisions as your life changes. It’s about receiving the right help at the right time.

Transition to Retirement Guide


Often forgotten about but we make sure that the risk you are taking in your superannuation fund and what type of contributions you are making. There are some generous strategies that pre-retirees can use that are both tax effective, and wealth building. We will make sure you understand what this big assets means for you now and in the future, and may make changes to suit upcoming retirement.

The team at Astute want to ensure your financial future is bright. If an unexpected event occurs, like a medical event, you need to make sure you can still meet your financial commitments. We will also help you plan if you were to pass away so that your spouse or family is looked after. This may include if you wish to help out your children with building wealth or purchasing a home. By putting a plan in place, it will give you more certainty that your assets are passed to the right people at the right time.

Success Stories


Gary and Sandra came to us concerned about their retirement plans and whether they are doing the most they can to boost retirement funds. They had just turned 60 years of age and going to work for another five years or so.

We discussed with them their lifestyle goals, and how they want to spend their retirement. Things like time with grand kids, small or big holidays, a future surgery, and a small renovation to entertain friends easier were discussed. These were all going to cost money and they needed to make sure they were doing things right at that stage so they were best set up for the future.

We helped them build a plan where they began partially drawing money from superannuation whilst also contributing other money for the future. This would boost their retirement benefits for when they retire and really want to use their money. A great result was also that it didn’t affect their lifestyle or cash flow at the time.

Gary and Sandra are now retired and spending their time together doing the things they hoped.

We know it's difficult to get started that's why we offer a no obligation discovery chat to help you take the first step.