Thirty Something

Despite this being a decade where you may ramp up your career as you progress towards what could be your peak earning years, you may also have greater financial responsibilities to consider.

When it's time to start looking ahead

Whilst focusing on your career, you will need to think about what’s next and giving yourself opportunities now and in the future. It’s important to gain control of your Financial Future, if you have not already begun too. You may need to think of:

  • Commencing a Budget and consider how you will deal with excess cash flow
  • Reducing debt (particularly high interest debt like credit cards)
  • Taking notice and plan your Superannuation better
  • Paying more off your mortgage or consider investing
  • Protecting Yourself against financial loss
  • Commencing or Increasing an emergency fund and get a Will

These years are where you can make a lot of financial impact. You may have a young family or planning one and feel that you have a huge amount of responsibilities. You may be thinking of how to cover the costs that arise as you experience these significant life changes or preparing for the decades to follow. Taking the time to make a plan will help you through and also set you up for the future

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From Kids to Investment

1. Not having the right protection plan in place

Very few thirty-somethings consider or review the right amount of Income Protection or Life insurance and also rarely have taken the time to consider their Will if they were to die.

2. Dealing correctly with interest

You may need to prioritise which debt you are to pay down faster. You may have a home or investment loan, car loan or credit card that needs attention.

3. Not using a “real” budget

Often a budget may only be in your head rather than being written down or tracked. As a result money can be wasted or not used correctly now and for the future.

4. Superannuation may need a revamp

This is going to be one of your biggest assets, and its tax effective. Either not contributing, considering the fees or how the money is invested are commonly ignored.

5. Not preparing for the next generation

This may seem too soon, but very few consider their current or future children’s financial needs.

That’s where we can help.
We can make sure you avoid the common pitfalls and take positive steps

Let us help with kick starting your financial journey.

Let Astute Guide You

We can assist with helping you prioritising your goals and concerns. We will sit down and make a plan that considers all the things you are worried about now, and also help you consider the future. We will be by your side when you make these decisions as your life changes. It’s about receiving the right help at the right time.

We can help you with your spending habits and excess cash flow. You may wish to track your expenses and income and then identify areas where you can cut back or maybe even remove. This will then assist with giving you more money on a weekly basis that you can repurpose for the future. It may be to pay more off against your mortgage or to reduce or remove credit card debt all together. We will even consider investing in other assets that will help you grow wealth if appropriate.

We will help you so that if an unexpected event occurs, like a medical event, you can still meet your financial commitments. We will make sure your strategy includes adequate protection like Life or Income Protection insurance and advise you on the best way to pay for it. Even though you may not want to think of this, the protection plan will make sure you can still meet mortgage repayments and other lifestyle costs. We want to ensure your financial future is bright. We will also help you plan if you were to pass away so that your spouse or family is looked after. This will give you certainty that your assets are passed to the right people via your Will.

Transition to Retirement Guide


We can do a health check on your superannuation fund and contribution plans. People seem to always be focused on fees alone, when in your 30’s the most sensible plan to consider is how much risk you are taking in your Superannuation and is the right amount of money being contributed. We can help with strategies to increase how much is being put into your fund, so you can benefit from the long-term effect of compounding in a low tax environment.

When considering the future, we could probably all make some adjustments big or small right now. This will help us live the life we want, but also provide a positive future full of achieving goals and happy smiles.

Success Stories

Thirty Something

Jen and Ben came to us when they had a young child. Even though savings for them was tight, we helped them put in a plan to deal with their worries. We made sure that if something was to happen to them, their home loan could be repaid, and money provided for each other and any future children.

As the years progressed, they have received advice on how to invest and how much to put into superannuation to increase its value significantly over time. They may even be able to retire earlier than expected. We still considered them spending money on the things they love like travelling through Asia with their growing family. We’ve even helped their parents make some better financial decisions which will have some impact on them in the future.

Jen and Ben are much happier that they have more certainty about their financial future and still enjoy the lifestyle they love.

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