A Fresh Approach To Property Management

Tired of Lazy Property Managers? - Spring Clean your property portfolio! and get a fresh approach with Hot Property

Terms & Conditions
The landlord agrees that the Management Fee will be 0% for a 6 month (180 Days) period from either the take over of management from another agency or from the commencement of advertising the property for lease with Hot Property Management. Once the 6 month (180 Days) period has lapsed, the Management Fee will revert to the standard 8.8%. If the landlord Terminates the management with Hot Property Management or Sells the property within a 1 year (12 month) period from the commencement of the management, the landlord will be liable for the full payment of the 6 month (180 Days) 0% Management Fee at the rate of 8.8%. Properties must be within 15km Direct line radius from Hot Property Management Office in Hendra.

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