Easy tips to help the Christmas budget

Create Memories not Debt and Spend smart this Christmas

We know many families loosen the belt at Christmas time in order to please all family members. But Christmas isn't all about gifts it’s also about spending time with loved ones and making the most of your time off.

Here is some tips we have found over the years

Saving money on Christmas presents

  • Black Friday and Cyber monday are your key to discounted presents before christmas - get in early
  • Open up a high interest savings account for Presents at the end of the year.
  • DO NOT USE AFTERPAY, use layby and definitely not Credit cards.
  • Make handmade thoughtful gifts such as photo collages from materials in your office.
  • Ask your family to take up a Secret santa type of giving so you only have to buy one present
  • Write a list with a price budget for each person.
  • Give an IOU then go shopping on Boxing day to score massive discounts.

Save money around the home this summer

As Many families gather at homes on christmas day and the days proceeding to new years we thought we would add some tips to save money in around the home

  • Limit Christmas lights - huge power bills in january dampen the christmas joy
  • Opt in for some fans rather then blasting the air con for 2 weeks
  • Rather then eat out use up everything in your freezer before christmas day - so that you have room to store the leftovers.

Most importantly plan for christmas next year

  • Save, Save and Save some more - $20 per week adds up to 1000 come christmas time
  • Buy Gift cards when they are on sale and stash them away for Christmas - most retailers have no expiry now.

Christmas is just one day in the year, blowing the budget when the new year hasn't begun makes the next 12 months of saving all that much harder.




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