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Salary Sacrificing to Super

Sacrificing salary to superannuation is a popular strategy used by people looking to increase their retirement savings. In this strategy below we address the steps that need to be followed to ensure a salary sacrifice arrangement is effective. A salary sacrifice arrangement arises where an […]

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Scottie’s Insurance Claim

Getting the right cover Scottie and his adviser had been friends since 1999, before Scottie was married or had kids. She encouraged him to take up life insurance.“I initially questioned the need, but my adviser explained that as you get older, insurance is harder to […]

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What Are Investment Bonds

Why Invest in Investment Bonds? An alternative to super Unlike superannuation, investment bonds do not carry restrictions on withdrawals prior to preservation age, and do not have contribution limits. Longer-term tax benefits When a policy has been held for 10 years or more, withdrawals are […]

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